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Blue stripes on white
Blue stripes on white
Blue stripes on white


VFF 48/0 C995314 - Miss Davin

Miss Davin (VFF 48/0) is a corner stone donor here at Rocking B Farms. The vast majority of our genetics can be traced back to this cow. She is the dam to several of our donors, EB Hannah’s Fire, EB Little Davin, EB Lydia and also the dam to some of our best calves. She puts extremely fantastic, correct heifers on the ground with consistency and predictability. She is truly a one of a kind cow!


EB Hannah's Fire C1036406

EB Hannah’s Fire is from one of our first flushes. She combines all of the good traits of her dam Miss Davin, and all the great characteristics of the great EMS Bonfire Bull! She is really coming into her own now with heifers out of several sires. She consistently puts the fancy into every show heifer she produces. Her calves have carried on her tradition of winning shows across the southeast. Look for her calves! They are game changers!


EB Lydia C1095522

EB Lydia is a Black Jack 21 daughter out of Miss Davin. This girl is quickly making a mark on our program. She is the youngest of our donors and is making them good. She is stylish and correct. Look at the extension of neck and power she offer.


EB Rolls Royce C1053107

EB Rolls Royce is proving to be just as prolific as her dam EB Bentlee! Rolls Royce is a third generation ET calf, and like her dam has won numerous shows! She consistently puts outstanding heifers into show and competition. The best part about her is how she produces calves that are even better than she was/is! If you like them red and good, Rolls Royce can make them for you!

BGE Haylee C1137247

BGE Haylee is another  amazing daughter out of EB Hannah and EMS Headliner.  This combination just flat works. Haylee took home reserve supreme banners at her first two shows after winning the breed. She has since been extremely competitive at every show she has entered. Her sister, EB Fancy has been super competitive at shows and won numerous times over the last two years. We are planning to flush Hannah this same way very soon.

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